Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Doldrums

July in Georgia is hot, hot, hot and this close to the coast, it's humid too. And buggy. The chickens are in desperate need of being separated. The laying coop is still a week or so away from completion. The Dark Cornish boys (collectively called "Stew") have figured out how to get it on and they're harassing the pullets. I'm sure they girls will love having their own space without being whistled at...and mounted!

I'll post up pics of the new coop when it's done. It will have far more space than the tractor and the girls can go into the coop whenever they're hot or it's raining. Of course, they'll be locked up there all night long to keep them safe from raccoons.

As for the Stews, they're headed off to freezer camp at the end of the month. I'll keep one male back and one of them turned out to be a girly girl, so I'll keep her too. As I learn more about genetics and breeding, I hope to start raising my own meat here on our little homestead.

As for the veggie garden, it's mostly in pots this year. Next year, we will build our raised beds. We'll have some veggies soon but it won't sustain us. But we move along one step at a time.

Now if I can just get that chicken coop done!