Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Blog Virgin

Well, this is my first foray into the blogosphere. Hello to everyone out there. My name is Angie and I'm working towards a more self-sufficient life. I think that it's important to learn how to look after my family especially with the economy, the environment, and the world's political situation in the sad shape they're in. I'd like to share the information I gather as I go along with you and hope you find some useful tidbits along the way.

Let me tell you a little bit about me. I live on an island just outside of Savannah Georgia in a suburban-like setting. We're lucky enough to own two lots together which make up an acre. I'm slowly planting more and more fruits and vegetables and eventually want the entire property to be an edible landscape. I'd love to have chickens for eggs, but my husband is not interested in coming along for that ride. I'm still working on him! We have a 13 year old son, Alex, and an 8 year old daughter, Erika. Erika likes to help in the garden but Alex...not so much.

I'm a designated accountant by profession but a writer by passion. I've published 5 books on small business management (some are probably in your local bookstore). I'm working on a book about teaching your kids the value of money. I also write a lot of freelance articles. Many of the ones relating to homesteading, budgeting, and cooking, I will share with you in this blog.

So, welcome to my very first blog. I promise I'll get better as time goes on!